Bloomprint Life Design

The Bloomprint Framework

The Background Sciences & Analogy

The Bloomprint Framework is based upon a number of different sciences and disciplines that come together to form a unique and powerful framework in helping us to live on purpose, be more resilient and bounce back from adversity as well as being able to leave a legacy that we are proud of by being of service to the world.   

The framework uses the analogy of a blooming flower symbolising positive growth.  The Lotus Flower in particular grows deep in muddy waters, away from sunlight. When the Lotus reaches light, it transforms into a beautiful flower.  The Lotus draws its nourishment from the muddy water to be able to bloom into a beautiful flower.

Its characteristics are a perfect metaphor for the human condition. Just like the potential for the Lotus lies deeply hidden within it’s core well before it starts to unfurl,  we too have our own unique seed of potential within our heart.

Fig 1. The Sciences Influencing the Bloomprint Framework

So many of us feel trapped and stuck by our circumstances, relationships, social pressures, financial status, education etc. or trapped by our own expectations, others’ expectations of us, or by our beliefs, doubts and fears. We all have dreams about how we want our lives to be but when we are stuck (the point when we most need to change things) we often do nothing, because everything feels too hard. Sometimes the thought of change seems too overwhelming and scary however when the urge to change is greater than the urge to stay the same, change does happen.

Without the mud we would not have the experiences necessary for our own growth. We all feel ‘stuck in the mud’ at times, with life’s challenges and struggles. The Lotus flower reminds us that even in difficult situations, we have the freedom to choose how we view and respond to those experiences and this ultimately helps us to grow, to reach towards the light and bloom. We have the power to extract something potent from these experiences that will bring us closer to remembering our true self, and foster that process of unfurling. 

The Bloomprint Framework is made up of  several dimension areas outlined in more detail below:

 –  The Four Internal Seed Dimensions

 –  The Support Stem Dimensions

 –  The Six Petal Dimensions

The Framework Explained

The Four Internal Seed Dimensions

The 4 Internal Seed Dimensions represent the core of our being and when these are all healthy and well it gives us the foundation by which to live by and show up in the world. Examples of what is considered under each area include:

The Supporting Stem Dimensions

The Supporting Stem dimensions wrap around and support the 4 internal seed dimensions and represent the stem to grow up through the muddy water.  

Capabilities and resources asks us to explore and define what our skills, strengths, opportunities and resources are that support us through life. Curiousity & Clarity invites us to answer the question “Who am I?” and get clear on our life’s purpose, vision, and core values. Delving deeper into who we are can expose parts of our self that we dislike and so just like the flexible stem of the Lotus we need to be able to gently accept and adapt to all parts of ourselves. 

The Six Petal Dimensions

To fully bloom the petals unfurl with 6 practices, which together, allow us to engage with life in a whole new way. This new way will allow us to design a life we love and live according to our own terms, not by someone else’s. 

Choice & Commitment

When we feel stuck we often feel so frustrated and exhausted that we end up creating resentment, tossing blame and falling into the victim mentality.

Choice & commitment is all about: 

  • Choosing ownership over blame
  • Choosing accountability of excuses
  • Choosing responsibility over denial
  • Being able to choose our view and our response in any given situation.

The choices we make in everyday life powerfully and consciously move us either towards or away from our life's purpose and vision. 


Courage is about doing the hard thing; the scary thing; the unknown thing; the thing we failed at before; the thing someone told us we couldn’t do; the exploration of the light and dark parts of ourselves. It’s about taking action, no matter how small in the very direction that scares us, out of our comfort zone and towards our wildest dreams!


When we connect, it makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves, and genuine connection is not always easy. We have to be willing to open our self up which can make us feel vulnerable.

Real connection is often the casualty of the speed at which we live because we let busyness take over.  The way back to connection is through the eyes, ears, and heart, by really looking listening and feeling

Outward looking, listening and feeling can allow us to form meaningful relationships with others and feel a sense of belonging with our tribe. It can also allow us to soak up the beauty of nature, the world as well as help us to find our place in it.

Inward looking, listening and feeling helps us to understand what’s inside ourselves and see who we are when everything is stripped away. It also allows us to connect our true self with that of our god/spirit/universe/ deity.

Create & Design

It's all about creating and designing the life you have always wanted with all the bits you love and discarding all the things that no longer serve you. 

Work/life balance has been discussed a lot in recent years however we all know that life is simply not easily packaged into neat little boxes to balance out. Work/life 'blend' rather that 'balance' allows us to combine whatever roles, activities, habits, and routines in whatever times, frequencies and order we like that is meaningful and purposeful, health enhancing and aligned with our core values.  

Care & Compassion

We lead very busy lives and we are constantly surrounded by noise which interferes with our ability to read our own internal signals about what we want and what we need. 

Our constant pursuit of more is pushing us to our limits and the pressure is continually flooding our bodies with adrenaline, cortisol and other stress related hormones, impacting our immune system and our ability to heal. This makes us susceptible to illness, premature ageing and feeling exhausted all the time and perhaps even burnt out.

Having a regular self-care practice and finding the space to pause, reflect and breathe not only allows your head and heart to re-attune to one another and restore your inner calm, but it's also vitally important if we are to buffer the stressful times and be able to show up and live the life we want.  

Celebrate & Fun

Research has shown us that celebrating often improves our relationships, productivity and our well-being.  

Celebrations can be planned or spontaneous but when we celebrate the big or the small wins in life we are more focused and motivated, and more geared towards progress and moving forward. 

The added magic of bringing fun and joy to the blooming process not only helps us to get through the muddy waters but it also helps to balance out the seriousness of life.  

The Framework Completed

Fig 2. The Bloomprint Framework

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the model or you explore how I may be able to help you work with the framework, consider working with me. I offer a range of products and services designed to help and guide you on your journey to cultivate and grow the life you want.