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My Self-Care Bloomprint eBook

My Self-Care Bloomprint eBook


Get more out of life & learn to thrive, not just survive.

An easy to work through ebook with practical steps to create your own self-care bloomprint.

Because you are worth it!

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Are you burnt out? Loosing your sparkle from running on life’s never-ending treadmill?  Wishing that there was more to life?

Research shows that a consistent self-care regime can help to improve your:

  • Confidence & self esteem
  • Relationships with others
  • Productivity & effectiveness
  • Overall health & wellbeing
  • Level of resilience during difficult times

Learn how to create your very own self-care bloomprint and develop more self-compassion with this easy step by step workbook.

This workbook will guide and help you to :

  1. Become clear on what strategies work for you
  2. Learn how to supercharge the magic of your self-care practices
  3. Examine ways to set yourself up for success
  4. Create your own support map
  5. Give yourself permission to take the time and space you need for yourself
  6. Put it all together into a 1 page bloomprint to keep handy for ultimate success.