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The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner: Why I decided to launch ‘another planner’ into the world

The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner: Why I decided to launch ‘another planner’ into the world

For those that know me know that I am such a ‘planner & lists’ kind of person.  At one of my previous jobs the team had lovingly nicknamed me “The Queen of Organization” and would one by one come and “borrow” my templates to use to organize themselves and their day. One of the questions I have had people ask me a lot about my planner is “Why on earth have I developed this planner & why does the world need another planner?”

I can tell you now that the Life Designer – Work+Life Planner is like no other planner currently on the market.  I know this because I have looked.  Because I love planners for keeping my life organized (and I mean loooooove), each year I would spend weeks researching the best planner to buy for the year.  There was always bits of one that I liked but not other bits or liked how some of it was set out or a particular section that was included and my dilemma was that I could never find ‘THE’ planner that was exactly right.


But apart from a love of planning and keeping myself organised there was another, more personal reason why I decided to design and develop the Life Designer – Work+Life Planner.  

A number of years ago my life was turned upside down by a traumatic work injury.  While I helped people to heal and get their life back together for a living, I was now required to pull myself out of the depths of where I never thought I’d be and build my life back up piece by piece, day by day. I found myself in the humbling position of having to get well and reevaluate my life just like all of those that I had helped before me.

I knew from my working experience that there wasn’t going to be an easy way out and that this was going to be a journey that required me, myself and I to dig deep, stay with and continue to nurture myself, as well as to show up for myself each day in ways I’ve never had to before. During my recovery I set out on my own personal journey for both physical and mental wellbeing and to once again reconnect to who I was. I re-designed my life from the inside out, and I strived for a level of well-being that was even greater than I had before.

It was also one of the most enriched learning periods of my life as I waded through the murkiness of my despair, learnt about old patterns of behaviour that were no longer serving me, unearthed new tools and strategies, and embraced new perspectives to help move me forward, not to mention digging deep to find the courage that I never thought I had! I watched myself grow. Transform. And emerge as someone far wiser, vibrant, aware, and stronger, than I’d ever dream I’d be.

I had knowledge and tools at my disposal from my work in helping others.  I know that they work from my experience is helping others as well as using them myself but I wanted to make these tools and my knowledge more accessible to the world and those who need it. 

The tools in the Life Designer – Work+Life planner helped me to find clarity, kept me grounded, and organized in my day to day life as well as focused on my bigger life vision to allow me to make the changes I wanted in my life, particularly when things were difficult & dark. It gave me the tools to take control of where I was and to show up every day and to not settle for anything less than where I wanted my life to be.

I also went on to formulate the Bloomprint Framework which is the foundation of not only how I live my life but is also the foundation of my new way of working with others and the world.  It made so much sense to me to combine my unique framework with the usefulness of a daily planner to create a tool to help everyone to life a life of purpose.  

So enter……. The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner!

The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner uniquely and skillfully blends the Bloomprint Framework throughout the planner so that you can embed and live the framework all year long.  To learn more about the Bloomprint Framework and all it’s sections, check it out here.  

We have all seen frameworks and models that have nice fancy pictures and words but gives little indication as to how we may be able to fully utilize the concepts in our everyday life.  The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner actually embeds all the concepts from the Bloomprint Framework to help you to get to know yourself better, exploring the choices you make, how you connect, care for yourself, show courage, create and design your ideal life and of course, celebrate alongside the traditional monthly and weekly spreads and goal setting pages. 

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When I was able to fully incorporate all aspects of the Bloomprint Framework into my life I was finally able to live on purpose, bounce back from adversity and be of service in the world and now you can too through this specially crafted planner.




A full yearly spread will allow you to track upcoming holidays or any other important events so that you can see them placed in the context of your whole year. The yearly view also outlines the moon cycles based on Sydney, Australia.

Monthly Calendar Spreads & Monthly ‘Pause for Perspective’ Spreads

See a month at a glance and efficiently plan your month with prompts including: Your monthly intention & focus, people to connect with, places to go, what’s coming up on your radar for the following month. 

The ‘Pause for Perspective’ Spreads are placed at the end of each month and are designed for you to take a moment and reflect on and review how the month has been, the progress you’ve made towards your life area goals and bigger vision goals and how you are progressing in each of the Bloomprint Framework areas. 


The Life Designer – Work+Life Planner is designed to have a week to a page view.  I find that being able to have a full glance across all days and commitments in my week then allows me to be more intentional and plan and adjust things on a daily basis.  This weekly action spread also includes to-do-lists, intention, sleep, energy & mood tracker, weekly check-in and check-out reflection questions and weekly habit tracker.  There is also 2 blank boxes to track what’s important for you each day – for example: Exercise, meals, gratitude etc. 

90 Day Action Plans + Review Pages

In addition to the goal setting pages that allow you to record your goals from across all life areas as well as  space for your big yearly goals, the 90 day plans will help you to stay focused on achieving your goals across the year. The 90 plan reviews will also allow you to review your previous 90 day plan and make any adjustments for the upcoming 90 days.  The tasks from your 90 day plans translate across into your weekly spread so you are always working on your goals and they don’t get buried by day to day life. 

Other Unique Features:
  • Four Planner sections: Awareness & Self-Discovery, Create & Design, Taking Action, Reflect & Celebrate
  • Bloomprint Framework© 
  • Mindset Refresh
  • Permission Slips
  • Self-Discovery questions to gain clarity with curiosity
  • Explore your values, passions, motivations, resources, strengths and qualities you most like about yourself
  • Explore your life purpose
  • Affirmations
  • Discover mentors and positive people in your tribe
  • Discover what nourishes or depletes you and your energy
  • Self-care practices that help to fill your cup
  • Current Me v’s Future me
  • Designing a good day
  • Designing your morning & evening routines
  • Habits that you want to keep, start or stop
  • Exploring elements of ritual
  • Goal setting across life areas as well as big amazing yearly goals
  • Vision board planning via a mind map and space to create your own personal vision board
  • Creating your own Best Life Visualisation
  • Space to write and doodle your monthly memories and achievements
  • Yearly reflection questions and planning for the new year.
  • Fun designed pages and weekly quotes to inspire you 
  • Moon cycles are outlined in the yearly, monthly and weekly spreads
  • Quirky holiday to celebrate across the year (because there is always something to celebrate)
  • Mindful colouring pages throughout for added calm when you need it 

Here are just some of the practical ways the framework links directly into the planner:

What’s NEW in the 2021 Planner:


In addition to the features above, the 2021 Version of the Life Designer- Work+Life Planner will also include: 

  • 6 Pages of Personal Values Clarification Exercises
  • A deeper explanation of the Bloomprint Framework
  • Goal Setting & Planning Tips
  • Exploration of the Be-Do-Have Model
  • Hard cover design
  • Ribbon marker to hold your place
  • Front pocket to store planner stickers or small notes
  • Cover design by Australian Artist Kasey Rainbow (Check out more of Kasey’s work here)