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The Humanity Blooms Project

The Humanity Blooms Project

The Humanity Blooms project uses printed flowers as a means to spread colourful gardens of kind, and inspirational messages of strength, hope and encouragement across ones humble front fence. Just as a simple smile can spread, it is envisioned that these colourful blooms will be rippling down suburban streets and across communities.

With our world rapidly changing and  currently with the unrelenting updates on the COVID-19 crisis there is so much to take in, as well as so much data and information to process. The changes that are currently happening across our communities, countries, and the globe are frightening.

To weather these uncertain times, it’s important to acknowledge and grieve things like the loss of routines, social connections, family structures and our sense of security and then create new ways to move forward – together. We are in this and are stronger together.

The Humanity Blooms is a project created by Hayley Golledge from Bloomprint Life Design as a way to spread colour and joy in communities and across the world. The project is inspired by New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s Easter Egg Hunt during the global COVID-19 crisis to bring fun and joy to the New Zealand people both young and old, and at a time that is darkened by fear and uncertainty.

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The Humanity Blooms Project aims to:

  • Bring colour and joy to communities during a time plagued with collective uncertainty, fear and grief. 
  • Spread a ripple of kindness across communities and the world.  Connecting people via special colourful handwritten notes of kindness, strength, courage and shared humanity. 
  • Be fun and engaging for people of all ages during times of quarantine at home. It can be enjoyed by both individuals stuck at home or by those who are out in the streets exercising, driving to and from work or supermarkets.
  • Brighten the day of those who are finding the quarantine restrictions challenging.
  • Bring families, streets, communities together by being part of something bigger. #togetherwebloom
  •  My girls are loving this project and it has taught them so much about being kind and connected even when we are apart in difficult times such as this. I will be sharing our own journey with the project across my instagram and facebook platforms

My girls are loving this project and besides bringing us closer together, it has sparked great conversations about kindness, and about being kind and connected even when we are apart in difficult times such as this. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how far we this garden of colour, delight and shared humanity can grow across our communities and across our world.  Even though our world is going through something really scary right now we can share love, kindness, and connection in other ways.

To get involved, download your free Humanity Blooms Pack here:

Don’t for get to share your pictures and your experiences to Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #togetherwebloom so we can all see how far the garden of colour and kindness is growing. 


humanity blooms
humanity blooms