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Hello March! (but can we go back to January again)

Hello March! (but can we go back to January again)

If your year hasn’t started the way you wanted it to, take heart.  My 2018 was a BIG year for me and so when 2019 was approaching I had big goals and big plans to keep things moving onwards and upwards.  Then…… 2019 had other plans…. It wasn’t meant to be the start to the year I wanted.  I know that so many others have felt it too.  Personal tragedies, natural disasters, missed opportunities, illnesses, relationship breakups and it’s only March! 

Whatever has happened that has thrown your new year off course, take heart in knowing that as the sun rises it is always another day to start again. Another day to take action, another day to make new plans or get back on course for old ones, another day keep progressing towards your goals.

It is inevitable that stressors and challenging situations will pop up in life again, and again and again and just when we think we’ve gotten on top of it, something else will happen.  A wise friend once told me that “When the waves of life keep crashing upon us, we must learn how to surf”.  It’s how we respond to situations when they don’t go our way, and it’s the action we take in the midst of all that can help us learn to ‘surf’.

Sometimes it’s a reminder to just slow down, breathe, and the only action we need to take for now is the act of taking care of our self and practicing acceptance that ‘it is what it is’ while we ride the wave.  If you need help putting together your own self-care plan to help you look after yourself while you are surfing the waves of life, you can purchase my Ultimate Self-Care Bloomprint here.

Here are some quick tips if we are finding ourselves stuck and yearning for things to be different:

  1. We need to stop asking ourselves “why?”. “Why is this happening?”, “why me”, “why can’t this be different”.  Generally, there are no answers to these questions and it will only keep you stuck, bitter and resentful and besides that, it can be so draining!
  2. Stay in the moment. Work out what you need right now in this moment.  Is it self-care? Is it to re-adjust your plan? Or is it just simply to sit and ‘be’ for now?  Don’t forget to be gentle and kind to yourself.
  3. Be honest with yourself.  This doesn’t mean you have failed.  There is no reason to judge yourself, or make excuses.  All feelings are ok to feel, even anger and feeling hurt, these are a part of being honest with yourself.  Practice acceptance of what is.  You don’t have to like what has happened or what is happening but quite often things that occur are outside of ability to control.
  4. If it is something within your control work out what it is that is causing you to feel stuck and work on resolving that, one little step at a time. This helps you to put your energy to good use by learning to pivot and also changes your perspective.
  5. Make the most of your situation and be open to something new. Making the most of a not so good situation could teach you so many things about yourself that you didn’t know and who knows, it may inspire you to try something different.  You never know what may come of it; we only grown when we are outside of our comfort zones.
  6. Trust yourself and that universe that life is how it should be and that this experience is somehow all within the divine plan.

So, I’m not sure about you but I’m ready to put this year down to a having a false start and want to start this year again!  

March is the new January I say! Who’s with me?!