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Creating a Manifesto for your Word of the Year

Creating a Manifesto for your Word of the Year

Coming up with a word or theme for the year can be difficult for some however once you find it, or it finds you it can be quite liberating.   One of the things that I do each year with my word/theme is to create a manifesto. A manifesto is quite simply an intention statement. It provokes a call to action that creates change by inspiring and making the writer ‘feel’ the change that they desire. 

The process of creating a manifesto each year allows me to get clear on exactly what the word/theme means for me and my life at that point in time.  It also helps me to clairfy how I want to embody the word/theme throughout the year. 

This was particularly helpful this year because when my word found me I really didn’t want it and I was too quick to try and kick it to the curb. (read more about that here).  However going through the process of creating my manifesto showed me that in actual fact the Universe was right….. again, and it was exactly what I need this year.  

Here are some quick tips when creating a manifesto with your word/theme for the year:

1.)  Brainstorm & Research your word to get a feel for what it means to you.  Find quotes, pictures, articles etc. Pinterest is a great place to find some inspiration.  (See my 2019 Word Inspiration Board on Pinterest here)

2.)  Pull short phrases or specifc words from your brainstorm/research that inspire you the most.  The kind that will jolt you into action and re-motivate you everytime you look at it. 

3.)  Put it all together and decorate in your own unique style.  It can be as long or as short as you like however no more than 1 page is ideal. It is important to put it somewhere where you will see it all the time and will remind you.

This is my manifesto for 2019 ——>

Once I have completed my manifesto I try and incorporate the word and it’s inspiration into all of my goals for the year.  

I’d love to see your unique manifesto when you complete it.  

All in this life together,