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Hayley Golledge

Life Designer

I am a life design coach. I am the founder of Bloomprint Life Design and I believe that it is my purpose to assist individuals, families and organizations be the best they can be by helping them design and engage in life a different way!  

From my background as an Occupational Therapist and Psychotherapist I’ve seen what happens to us and how we feel when we feel stuck or when life has suddenly become so different to what we imagined it to be.  We constantly yearn and dream for something more or different but feel lost within the chaos of our day to day life.

Some people believe that if they just keep slogging away day in day out that eventually things may work out and when they reach it life will be good… but at what cost? Or worst, they let life slowly consume them, doing nothing about it and later look back on their life with the regret of not living the life they want. 

It’s something that I was only all too familiar with myself not too long ago.

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I’m a heart felt believer that with the power of playful curiosity, creativity and courageous action taking you can shape a better world not only for yourself, but for all. Let’s create that together.

So consider me your guide, your ally and your mentor to help you navigate your way on your individual journey to #bloomyourownway.  I won’t promise that this journey will be easy for you (it certainly wasn’t for me), but I will promise you that it will be worth it. You are so worth it! So let’s begin…


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What People Say

I wanted to reach out and congratulate you on a fabulous planner. It has made such a difference in my world this year. The design and layout is such a great combination of creativity, inspiration and practical – it provides the perfect platform to make the dreams and goals a reality. I look forward to using this fabulous design for many years to come, and have shared this experience with many colleagues and friends. Well done!
Sonia C